he needs those parts for his space ship


he needs those parts for his space ship

I'd love to know what non-comic-book books you've been reading; thanks to your comic recommendations and writing I've gotten back into comics big time but books are always at my heart (used to work in a bookshop, now work in a library ^_^) so I'd love to know what books tickle your fancy :)


It’s funny, because I’ve only just got back on a reading binge. Of prose, I mean, instead of comics. Every so often I get burnt on comics and want the story to play out in my head, y’know? Anyway, I am currently reading:

I have just read (and enjoyed quite a bit):

I’m reading a story of this at a time (and loving it to death):

And I’m saving this for the lead-up to Halloween:

Reblogging to remind myself that 3/4 of these books are on my to-read list (technically 1/2, but Shirley Jackson’s “We Have Always Lived In the Castle” is mentioned on the other book, so I’m counting it).


If you’re not following my twitter you are seriously missing out.


If you’re not following my twitter you are seriously missing out.


I forgot to post pics of my p. fuliginosa after they had their last molt! They’re just so beautiful. Probably one of my top 5 favorite roach species. They’re the speediest roaches I’ve ever kept… one escaped one day, flew across the room and into the bathroom, then out the crack in the back door and immediately got caught by a lizard! Luckily it only caught him by his wing, so he was fine — I caught him and put him back with the others. /Ilovethatstory

Oh! And here’s a link to a post I made about the species. 


hahaha fucking neelix


I need to own one of these houses one day.







Assassin’s Creed screams in the distance

someone write a youth fantasy novel about this damn thing

Oh….my…..give this to me now.

*heavy breathing*

HOW!?!?!?  Seriously, who knew those crazy fold-out contraptions from cartoons actually existed?!






Hey there, wonderful artists of the internet!
I’m publishing a Wild Zero anthology/fanzine for SPX this year: full of illustrations, comics, and writing about everyone’s favourite Japanese, slapstick, zombies, aliens, "Love knows no boundaries, nationality, or gender!", rock-and-roll film.
In case you have no clue what I’m talking about: Wild Zero is a Japanese rock and roll zombie film from 1999. The trailer is up on YouTube (they play up the gore in the trailer but it’s not that bad in the film) and the wiki has slightly more info. If you like zombies or rock and roll: I would definitely recommend this flick. The specs for the anthology itself are below:
LENGTH: 1 to 6 pages
DIMENSIONS: 5.5” 8.5” portrait (Safe area 5” x 8”. Full bleed 5.75” x 8.75”)
FULL COLOUR or BLACK AND WHITE (email if you’re using halftones)
RESOLUTION: 300 DPI or higher 
DEADLINE: Sunday, August 3rd. September 15th 30th! (Now debuting at APE.)
The profits from the books will be split between two charities: one LGBT-youth oriented and one music-oriented. [I’ve currently chosen The Center (an LGBT Youth Center in San Diego I’m familiar with) and the Fender Music Foundation. The prior may be subject to change if I can find a charity specifically focusing on homeless LGBT youth.]
For submissions included in the book, I’ll be compensating each artist with 5 copies they can sell at conventions.
Send submissions (or questions) to me at dukes.rachel {at} Gmail.
Please share and reblog. I love this film and want to create something fun with others who enjoy it as well. Remember: rock and roll never dies!

Deadline is looming. If you’re interested in submitting, give me shout. I’ll totally extend the deadline. I want all of you in this!

Hey, Internet! If you’re thinking of submitting to this, please shoot me an email. I want to start putting this one together (and get production done) pretty much right after I get home from SPX on the 15th.

Ah shit, so bummed I missed out on this. That’ll teach me to check tumblr more than once a month.

DON’T BE BUMMED! I didn’t have a chance to mention this online while I was at SPX but: I’ve extended the deadline another two weeks to SEPTEMBER 30th. Spread the word!

Looks like I found my next “I’m on my period” image!